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Table of Contents:
2. Aims

1. History of Joint Council

香港復康聯會一九六四年成立 Joint Council for the Physically and Mentally Disabled was established in 1964.
與香港社會服務聯會結為伙伴 Joint Council was built up partner relationship with HKCSS.
社團條例獲得豁免稅項註冊 Joint Council was granted exemption of registration under the Societies Ordinance.


Joint Council is the umbrella body of non-governmental organizations for and of people with disabilities in Hong Kong.
一九六五年併入社聯復康部 Joint Council was incorporated into HKCSS and became the Rehabilitation Division of HKCSS in 1965.


Restructuring of HKCSS in 2001
Rehabilitation Specialized Committee of HKCSS
Management Committee of Joint Council


In 2006, Joint Council was incorporated and registered under the Companies Ordinance, renaming English name as:
The Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities

2. Aims

推動殘疾人士服務和設施的協調及改善 1. To promote the coordination and improvement of services and facilities for people with disabilities
參與政策的檢討和制定 2. To participate in policy review and formulation
推展公眾教育 3. To promote public education
發展新復康項目 4. To develop new rehabilitation programmes
海外聯絡 5. To establish networking with overseas organization

3. Objectives

舉辦殘疾議題課程、工作坊、會議、研討會、調查研究 1. To coordinate courses of study, workshops, conferences, seminars, and undertake research
協調、整合殘疾人士服務、設施 2. To coordinate and integrate of various services and facilities for people with disabilities
保障殘疾人士利益、權利:向政府提建議,倡導、推動立法 3. To protect the interests and rights of people with disabilities: to make recommendations to Government and to advocate and promote such legislations 
公眾教育:殘疾人士參與社會、經濟的權利和需要 4. Public Education: social and economic rights and needs of people with disabilities
主辦會議及研討會,致力消除、減低各類殘疾的起因和影響 5. To organize conference and meetings as and where appropriate
改善、促進殘疾人士福利和教育 6. To organize conference and meetings as and where appropriate
提供資訊:殘疾議題、專業諮詢服務 7. To provide advices and services of specialists in the field of disability
倡議、評估及協助發展和改善復康計劃與服務 8. To initiate, evaluate and help to develop and modify rehabilitation programmes and services
代表會員機構表達意見:本港及國際復康界 9. To represent views of agency members both locally and internationally
建立國際網絡 10. To establish and maintain relations with overseas organizations

4. Contact Us


電話 Tel.:2964 2934
傳真 Fax:2864 2962
電郵 Email:reh@hkcss.org.hk


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